Airport Badging

Badging Services

Individuals who require unescorted access to the Air Operations Area (AOA) must possess an airport issued or airport approved photo ID Badge.  Application for an airport issued ID Badge is made on the AOA Security Badge Application Form.  This form must be completely filled out, properly signed, and presented to the Airport Administration Office for processing.  Only fully completed application forms with original signatures will be accepted.  Do not submit a photo or faxed copy; it will not be accepted for processing.

Please note that the Airport Administration Office is open to the public Monday -Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., closed Saturday and Sunday.  Office closed daily 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. daily.

For badge pick-up, contact Airport Administrative Coordinator at 269-966-3470 or [email protected] to schedule an appointment.


Vehicles on the AOA may only be operated by persons with a proper and current Class I Authorization or Class II Authorization.

Class I Authorization is for those individuals requiring access to specified non-movement areas (or non-controlled areas) of the AOA, but not needing access to the movement areas (or controlled areas) of the airfield.

Class II Authorization is for individuals that require access to specified movement and safety areas (or controlled areas), as well as specified non-movement areas specified in a Class I Authorization.

NOTEAll individuals requiring unescorted access to the movement and safety areas of the AOA must possess a Class II Authorization from the Battle Creek Executive Airport Administration before proceeding on movement and safety areas of the AOA.

Badging Process

1. When a need is identified for an individual to have unescorted access to the airport, the individual will need to coordinate with the Airport Administration Office to determine the level of access that is required and the operational need.

2. Depending on the access level needed applicant’s may need to register with Digicast to complete the required training process.  This requires a valid email address.

3. The applicant must completely fill out the AOA Security Badge Application and sign. If an applicant has a need to access the hangar of a T-Hangar tenant, applicant must provide a written request from the T-Hangar tenant allowing hangar access to the applicant.  Written requests should be submitted to [email protected].

NOTE: All information requested in the paperwork must be provided.  Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.  Applicants with Class II Authorization must present a valid Driver’s License when completing the AOA Security Badge Application.  The Airport Administration Office confirms the legitimacy of the identity documents.  Applicant must bring originals of the required identity documents; no copies will be accepted.

4. The applicant must attend badge training within 30 days of being notified that they are eligible or Airport Administration will consider the application to be withdrawn.  NOTE: Badge fees are non-refundable due to costs incurred in processing of the applications.  Badge fees are established in the City’s Fee, Bond, and Insurance Schedule (pages 56-58).


Training for T-Hangar tenants will be conducted at the Airport Administration Office upon finalizing the lease.

Training for Class II Authorization consists of:

– Review the Airport Rules and Regulations

– Review the Ground Vehicle Operations Training Manual

– Register for Digicast and watch the video “Part 139.329 Pedestrians and Ground Vehicles” and complete the written test.

– Schedule an appointment, by emailing BTLoperation[email protected], to complete the practical test requirement*

(*The practical test requirement is only required when completing initial training for the Class II Authorization.)

Badge Renewals

Those requesting badge renewals must do so within 30 days of the expiration date indicated on their current badge.  Badge holders who need to renew their badges must complete the required training via Digicast and notify that the Airport Administration Office at [email protected] once the training is completed.  The Airport Administration Office will then schedule an appointment for the applicant to complete the AOA Security Badge Application and issue the new badge.

Badge Replacements

If a badge is lost, stolen or destroyed to a point where it can’t be used, contact the Airport Administration Office by phone at 269-966-3470 or by email at [email protected].  Any charges incurred must be paid at the time a new badge is issued.  Individuals should notify the Airport Administration Office IMMEDIATELTY if your ID Badge is lost or stolen.  Payment can be made by credit card or check (payable to the City of Battle Creek).  There is a processing fee when paying by credit card.

Expiring Badges

Anyone no longer needing a badge or deciding to allow their badge to expire without renewal must return the badge to Airport Administration.  Individuals with badges that are not renewed for 6 months after expiration will be removed from the records and the paperwork will be destroyed.  If one of these individuals applies for airport access and has never returned the previous badge, the cost for the new badge will be the current cost for a lost badge replacement.


Airport Badging